John’s Services and areas of special focus

John Furey’s expertise spans many critical areas. He helps teams and organizations thrive in today’s dynamic environment.


John maps the minds at work in your organization, community, team, board, or any other group, and provides you with a whole new level of insight into what is really going on and how to create positive outcomes.

What you want to focus on, the focal point of your workshop is up to you. The workshop experience is tailored to your needs and goals. The approach he takes to discussing a topic is always from the perspective of the impact of human thinking and behavior on outcomes.

He uses the MindTime Tools platform to present you with a revolutionary way of looking at people in your organization. He will demonstrate how your culture and organizational mind are being driven every day by people’s individual Thinking Styles. It will amaze you. The benefits of understanding what is going on are huge, especially if you want to learn how to harness the collective mindset of your people towards your goals.


How much more intelligent would your leadership conversations be if a shared understanding of human thinking was factored into them? How much more honest?

John Furey is not a typical consultant or executive coach. While John brings a lifetime of experience working with executives in a broad range of contexts, his sole focus is to bring an awareness of the impact of human thinking into your leadership’s conversations. The outcome of inviting John to meet with your leadership team is that it will shift the conversation from personalities and generalizations about people to an informed discussion, using a shared language and understanding, about the organization as a whole, creative, thinking system.

The awareness John brings becomes a shared skill of the leadership team. The simple framework he will show you proves to be both highly predictive as well as prescriptive for participants. In other words, it’s made to stick.


John Furey has captured the imagination and minds of audiences in hundreds of addresses around the world. The awareness he brings to listeners of the role of thinking and how to better engage with it has earned him high marks from clients and the public alike.

“John’s presentation at the FIATECH Annual Conference was excellent, as expected. He’s an excellent speaker: engaging, humorous, erudite, and inspiring. The icing on the cake was the MindTime tool he used. What an incredibly valuable tool for learning more about our organizations and ourselves. It had everyone talking in the halls.”

Richard Jackson – Director, FIATECH

Popular topics he has spoken about are innovation, collaboration, bridging the market chasm, messaging, resilience, trust building, thinking agility, Whole Thinking™, motivating people, engaging clients and consumers, behavior change, and team building.

An exploratory conversation with John is free of charge. You can book a meeting in his . . .

Focused areas of expertise

Recognizing and Including Diversity

At the core of John’s life work lies the conviction that everyone has value to bring if we know how to recognize it. His experience has taught him how to then include individuals’ value and contribution into the conversation. He uses the MindTime Framework to show exactly how we all think and how we are different in our needs and motivations from one another. It is in these differences that people’s real value can be found and through using the Whole Thinking model, can be included ito great effect.

John Furey excels in guiding teams towards exceptional collaboration, fostering a culture of engagement, dedication, and resilient trust within group dynamics. His skill in contextualizing each team member’s value and contributions through the MindTime framework renders his methods highly accessible and practical. Utilizing straightforward yet impactful diagnostic tools, John clearly illustrates the dynamics at play within teams. This process of cultivating awareness among team members not only addresses current challenges but also equips them to preempt future obstacles. In John’s philosophy, knowledge is not just power; the right knowledge is transformative.

Communication Effectiveness

John Furey is deeply committed to enhancing interpersonal communication, recognizing that effective dialogue, which encompasses active listening, is crucial for both personal and professional growth. Drawing from his extensive expertise in the MindTime framework, John provides valuable and insightful guidance to improve communication skills. He adeptly identifies what individuals require and the reasons behind these needs, leading to more effective and productive interactions. In his engagements with leadership teams, boards, and various organizational groups, John excels in demystifying complex issues, delivering clarity and profound understanding.

Leadership Development

John Furey holds a firm belief that modern leadership demands a transformative approach, both in self-perception and in the manner leaders interact with their organizations. With a rich background spanning over 25 years, John has worked closely with senior leaders across a diverse range of organizations, both large and small. This extensive experience has endowed him with the keen ability to discern transient trends from enduring strategies, enabling him to effectively collaborate with leadership teams in developing more impactful leadership solutions.

Corporate Retreat Design and Facilitation

John Furey is adept at orchestrating corporate retreats that are not just events, but transformative experiences rich in discovery and lasting impact. His expertise lies in designing retreats that go beyond the conventional, creating an environment where attendees engage in deep, meaningful exploration. These retreats are carefully crafted to foster personal growth, team bonding, and organizational insight, ensuring that the effects resonate well beyond the duration of the event. With a focus on interactive and immersive activities, John integrates the principles of the MindTime framework to facilitate a deeper understanding of individual and collective thinking styles. This approach helps in unlocking new perspectives, enhancing communication, and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Change Management

John provides expert support to leaders engaged in navigating and managing organizational changes. His primary role in change management projects is to bring the human element clearly to the conversation at the outset of the process. He then skilfully develops in people an awareness of how differences in thinking dictate how people will buy into, engage, and contribute to change. If your people feel seen and understood, they get on board and change will then happen.