Clients can expect from Mr. Furey, a unique and vibrant energy when change and retooling of your organization is required. He is an expert in bringing people together, inspiring new ways of thinking, provides valuable skills of organizational analysis and offers effective solutions. He has delivered to us highly professional products and services that have become fundamental to achieving a new level of success and productivity.”

Scot D. Foster. PhD, Academic Vice President and Provost, Samuel Merritt University

I feel that John’s work with both the principals and employees of both companies was crucial to our successful acquisition. Communicating with and understanding the people of both companies was the most critical aspect of the merger.  John did a great job of making people feel at ease; listening to everyone’s concerns, and recommending ways to address these concerns. His use of MindTime was a critical component of our merger and we continue to utilize it in our day-to-day operation. I highly recommend that any company that wants to make smart decisions about people retain John for his services.”

David Koga, Principal, The Land Group

John’s presentation at the FIATECH Annual Conference on MindTime was mind-blowing.  It got everyone’s attention and changed the way we think about ourselves and our colleagues: all for the better.

Dr. Richard Jackson, Director, FIATECH

John Furey and MindTime have made a significant contribution to the success of our team over the last 14+ years.

Matt Sweeney, Vice President, RBC Dain Rauscher

John, I have been personally profoundly affected by your work and understand myself better (worth a year of therapy) by applying your principles to my life. We forward thinkers are a lonely, frustrated bunch who have high aspirations and frequent crashes. However, I take to heart the old saying,” Speak as though no one were judging, dance as if no one were watching, and love as though you have never been hurt.”

Jeff Sapperstein, Professor of Business, Hult International Graduate School

We had the good fortune of involving every student and staff member of our school in an extended MindTime workshop facilitated by John Furey.
We opened the school year under John’s direction. Over the course of our time together, we mapped ssl thinking styles, did exercises to physically and mentally reinforce what we discovered and discussed drew, and dialoged the various aspects of our thinking, both individually and collectively. When the workshop was over, the walls were covered with maps. These were the maps of present, future, and past thinkers. These were the maps of students, teachers, and the school. These were maps that were the physical manifestation of the work we had done, and also the unforeseen compass for our year.

I say unforeseen, because I do not think any of us knew just how important it was that these maps stayed on the walls, from the first to the last day of school. They were constant reference points. And here we had more good fortune, because we were able to come back to these maps over and over throughout the year. What was wonderful about this was how organically this happened. This was not teachers having to constantly hammer in a concept but rather students referring to the maps to remember the concepts we talked about to try and understand their own thinking in a situation, and to try and understand other thinkers in different situations. What we learned from our workshop became an ongoing thead of discussion, a presence in our various debates, projects, and conferences.

Harry Weekes, Head of School, The Sage School

I would highly recommend John Furey as a solid professional and specifically as one who has the ability to see the big “picture” with clarity and perception and is then able to translate his findings into recommendations for solid business practices and changes.

Dennis D. Morrison, CPA, Chief Financial Officer/Corporate Treasurer, One Lambda, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

“I would recommend your process in its various applications to anyone wanting the most effective management of the talents of their various partners and staff.”

Joseph L. Marshall, Managing Partner, Jennings, Engstrand & Henrikson. Law Firm, San Diego, CA